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Our Daily ReLeaf CBD Gift Pack includes our heating and cooling ReLeaf CBD Stick and ReLeaf CBD Balm with your choice of our premium CBD, CBG, or THC gummies. You can also save big if you choose not to add CBD gummies.


Our Heating and Cooling CBD Balm:

Our intensely Heating and Cooling ReLeaf CBD balm in the convenient twist-up stick includes 2000mg of combined CBD and CBG. This is the best CBD for joint pain relief available. The combo of menthol, essential oils, and capsaicin blows your pores open to help absorb this potent CBD balm deep into stiff joints. The ReLeaf CBD balm product line is easy to take with you anywhere and specifically designed to provide soothing comfort precisely where it's needed. It's crafted meticulously to target and alleviate muscle and joint pain and is renowned for its unparalleled relief properties. We went to work to make the best CBD for joint pain relief available, and it truly is a game-changer. Infusing this potent CBD balm with 1000 mg each of CBD and CBG increases the full spectrum of benefits. Drop the pharmaceuticals and try a natural and effective way to ease muscle and joint discomfort and enhance mobility. When you need to get back in action quickly, try this holistic solution to life's bumps and bruises. The convenient twist-up stick allows for easy application, ensuring quick muscle and joint pain relief on the go without any mess or hassle. Whether you're dealing with the effects of daily wear and tear or seeking post-workout recovery, our best CBD for joint pain relief is your go-to solution. Experience the soothing sensation and regain your freedom of movement quickly. Don't let muscle or joint discomfort limit your lifestyle; try it today and discover the unmatched comfort that comes with the best CBD for joint pain relief.


A Soothing and Relaxing CBD Balm:

A premium CBD balm should have enough cannabinoids to actually work without breaking the bank. Our powerful 2000mg CBD balm offers a truly effective topical dose of CBD. We also harness the power of concentrated essential oils and blend them with full-spectrum CBD oil to relax painful joints and muscles. Our top-selling CBD balm smells so amazing you will always want it on. It's easy to apply, feels incredible on your skin, and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky or oily residue. The ReLeaf CBD Balm has a hefty dose of lavender essential oils that provide you with calming aromatherapy. We chose a very specific species of Lavender that helps open your pores to absorb the active ingredients in our premium CBD balm faster. Our compact packaging is perfect for travel, recyclable, and offers long-lasting results in a small container. Your body deserves the best; Blackhouse Botanicals ReLeaf CBD Balm is the benchmark for premium topicals. This potent and relaxing CBD balm is great for your hands, feet, muscles, or joints. Try our calming Lavender ReLeaf CBD Balm on your neck and temples for headaches or just some relaxing aromatherapy. Blackhouse Botanicals silky smooth ReLeaf CBD Balm also has incredible potential for healing your rashes, scrapes, and bruises.


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