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Blackhouse Botanicals vape cartridges provide fast CBD delivery for quick relief. Vaping is one of the fastest delivery routes for CBD. Effects of vaping CBD oil begin within minutes, with peak results around 10 minutes, lasting steadily for about 3-5 hours.


Blackhouse Botanicals CBD vape cartridges never use cutting agents. Our full-spectrum CBD oil includes 175mg extra of CBG, CBDv, CBC, and Delta 9 THC. You get a wide variety of cannabinoids, so you feel the powerful entourage effect quickly. Our CBD vape carts are pure and potent. Thanks to the vast array of cannabinoids, your CBD vape cart should not crystallize. Because of their high potency, however, crystallization sometimes occurs. This is natural and a sign of purity; just preheat and vape as usual. 


Our extraction process preserves native terpenes, giving you a smooth, natural taste. There is never any fruity, artificial flavoring in our CBD vape cartridges. We also provide a full panel of 3rd party test results. We always link our full panel of 3rd party test results so you know that our premium CBD vape carts are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. We're proud to offer these high-quality CBD vape cartridges in our incredible product lineup, and we know that they will give you the fast-acting calming effect you are looking for. Relax, Rest, and Recover with Blackhouse Botanicals CBD Vape Carts. 



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