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Blackhouse Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD and CBG Tinctures

 Our full spectrum CBD and CBG tinctures are a great way to load up on cannabinoids throughout the day with just the right potency to keep you functioning at your best. When you need a little maintenance but you also need to be present, Blackhouse Botanicals tinctures are the perfect solution. 

The Blackhouse Difference 

Our Blackhouse Botanicals CBG tinctures can help you stay more focused and present if our full spectrum CBD is too calming for you during the day. Our CBD and CBG tinctures have a clean, fresh, peppermint flavor without the bitter “hempy" aftertaste. 

Real People, Real Products, Real Results!

Brian K. - "Has become a great addition to my workouts... helping to relax and recover is much better with the help of this CBD. "

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Why Full Spectrum CBD Is Better. 

The benefits of full-spectrum CBD and CBG tinctures are clear! Blackhouse Botanicals Full-Spectrum CBD includes major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. With our full-spectrum CBD and CBG tinctures, you get the synergy of multiple cannabinoids and 400-plus plant compounds working with your endocannabinoid system to create a true entourage effect. Our proprietary extraction process preserves the native compounds in our superior, locally-grown hemp. You get all the benefits of the plant and full-spectrum extract in an easy-to-dose, great-tasting tincture. Full-spectrum CBD has a more profound effect that you will notice almost immediately. We always provide our full panel of 3rd party laboratory tests on every batch of CBD and CBG tinctures so you can see the difference between Blackhouse Botanicals' full-spectrum tinctures and the competition for yourself. Check out our in-depth descriptions on the product page to help you choose between our amazing CBD and CBG tinctures, or start a chat to find out which products are right for you.

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