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Why Blackhouse Botanicals CBD is Better

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

We work harder! From the beginning of Blackhouse, we have done things the hard way. While you might think the "hard way" is dumb, we think it builds character and better products. We have reworked and re-engineered lab equipment. We spent months developing proprietary extraction processes that take twice as long and cost twice as much. We have looked at how our products are used and how we can make them better for that purpose with every product we make.

We spend more time developing our products. We test our products with friends and family and listen to feedback before we release them. If something needs to be tweaked, we fix it so it can fix you. This has added considerable cost and time in research and development but we don't quit until it's right. We want to be the best. Our employees care and so do we. Improving lives means everything to us.

We make our products from start to finish in our food-grade clean rooms. We extract the precious little cannabinoids with our own hands then we mix them into our products. Our caring employees finish, label, and package our wonderful creations and we deliver them to you.

We use higher-quality ingredients. From the hemp that we source from local farmers to the oils and ingredients in our topicals and tinctures, we make sure it is top quality. We do that with a purpose in mind not just so we can say we spend more on ingredients. Our products are designed to absorb faster, taste great, apply better and be more efficacious. Our stuff is good, that's the bottom line.

We third-party lab test everything. That should be a given with any product you buy but our Chief Science Officer Michael Hulce has spent significant time working with third-party testing labs to get consistent and accurate results. We don't lab shop to hear "close enough". We have gone through more than a few labs to find one that is accurate and the results match the math starting with the tests on our raw material. If the math doesn't add up we don't put out bunk test results. You can be confident our results are spot on.

We are confident you will enjoy our life-changing products. If you haven't tried Blackhouse Botanicals, You haven't tried real CBD. Our products are Made to Keep You Moving.

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