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Blackhouse Botanicals CBD And CBG Edibles

Our premium gummies offer unmatched quality for stress relief, rest, mood, and recovery. If you have never tried a premium CBD gummy, prepare for a life-changing experience. Our carefully crafted blends ensure purity without compromising on taste. Every Blackhouse CBD and CBG edible is third-party lab-tested for potency and safety; our commitment to transparency and sustainability makes your wellness journey a whole lot easier and far more comfortable.


The Blackhouse Difference 

Not only can you buy different strength products from Blackhouse Botanicals but you can experiment with different doses of each product. We recommend starting low and slow with our CBD and CBG edibles unless you have a high tolerance to cannabinoids. Our premium products are the real deal! Try our edibles or CBD tinctures with a topical for persistent issues. We stand behind our products and promise that you will be astounded by the results. 

Real People, Real Products, Real Results

Brian K. - "Has become a great addition to my workouts... helping to relax and recover is much better with the help of this CBD. "

Shop Our Wide Selection Of Premium CBD And CBG Edibles

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to buying CBD and CBG edibles online. There is much confusion over whether hemp-derived products are the same as the products you get from a dispensary.  The molecules from these plants are the same. They have the same molecular weight, structure, and effect as the molecules from a dispensary. The only difference is that CBD and CBG edibles from plants classified as hemp are federally legal. We won't get into the confusing politics of the 2018 Farm Bill that makes this all possible, but it was a huge win for hemp. Don't hesitate to save time and money by having these amazing products shipped to your door. 

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