A Friendly Introduction


My name is Michael Hulce and I manage the laboratory at Blackhouse Botanicals. I am a graduate of Utah State University and Weber State University and hold degrees in biochemistry, chemistry, laboratory practices, and microbiology. Along with my coworkers, we have years of experience under our belt studying and learning about cannabinoids. We produce (in our honest opinion) the best boutique, medicinal, small batch hemp products in the country. Through this blog, I will attempt to share with you why we do what we do, as well as our love for this magnificent plant.

At Blackhouse Botanicals, we believe in a straight forward respect for Cannabis s. and its many uses in our modern world. It’s potential and vast positive effects on our everyday lives are astronomical, and modern science is just starting to recognize the many constituents of Cannabis s. and all they are capable of.

We will be starting off by going through all the basics and then move on to interesting events happening in the industry. We are always open to discussing new ideas and questions, so feel free to reach out at

Thanks! You’ll be hearing from us soon.

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