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Who We Are 

Blackhouse Botanicals is a health and wellness company rooted in outdoor life. We make craft CBD products in our chemist-run facility. We believe that nature's power and some science make a safe, efficient, clean product. We genuinely live outdoors and think we're the stewards of our environment; outdoor enthusiasts know this better than anyone. Blackhouse Botanicals is founded by people committed to our beautiful natural playgrounds and producing quality products as close to nature as possible. 

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Craft CBD  

We make craft CBD products from start to finish that taste as good as they work. We use in-house testing in conjunction with 3rd party lab testing to create each product that comes out of our clean rooms. Our proprietary method takes longer, but the result is worth it. By extracting in small batches, winterizing and filtering multiple times, and then distilling our high-quality hemp extract, we can make a superior end product – a True Premium Craft CBD. 


Doing What Is Best All Around

Despite making a product we believe to be superior to anything else on the market, we don’t charge as much as some large companies do. We don’t have to charge exorbitant prices - so we don't. Blackhouse Botanicals was created for the greater good and that makes us feel good. So we charge a fair price for our product and no more. That is the Blackhouse Botanicals way.  

Giving Back 

Now here's the bonus.


Every time you buy Blackhouse Botanicals products

we donate 1% to The Conservation Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation

projects promoting clean water and healthy land management practices.


By donating a portion of our profits to The Conservation Alliance, we support vetted, many charities to help clean up beaches, restore wetlands, preserve vital coral reefs and promote sustainable land management practices. Buying our products makes it possible to help yourself and help the planet at the same time! 

Meet the Team

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At Blackhouse Botanicals, it is our people that make the difference. From our chemists to our customer service representatives, to our sales team, we care deeply about producing a genuine Craft CBD Product that is second to none in the world. You can count on our team to perform with excellence in everything they do every single time.

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